Orange Cassidy AEW Signing Announced in the Most Orange Cassidy-Like Way

orange cassidy signs signing aew all elite wrestling contract video

AEW announced the signing of Orange Cassidy today and it was done in the most Orange Cassidy-like way you could imagine.

Cassidy’s signing was confirmed in a video released by AEW on Monday in which his bottom half is seen approaching a blender beside oranges on a table.

The popular indie wrestler squeezes some juice out of one of the oranges, then pulls an AEW contract out of his pocket and puts it into the blender.  Orange Cassidy starts the blender, pours the drink into a cup, places his glasses on the side of the cup and gives his signature lazy thumbs up to the camera as the words “Now Serving Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy” are flashed across the screen.

NOTE: Cody Rhodes revealed on Twitter over the weekend that only 40% of the AEW roster has been revealed. The company’s first TV show premieres in October. 

Watch the interesting announcement below.