Triple H Says NXT on USA Could Feature UK Talent Crossing Over

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Ahead of NXT’s debut on USA this week, Triple H spoke with the media and confirmed NXT UK talent could be featured in short stints on the show.

Paul Levesque fielded questions from the media for close to an hour on Monday afternoon to promote the premiere of NXT on USA Network — which takes place Wednesday at 8pm ET. 

When asked about rumors of popular NXT UK talent possibly moving to the U.S. based brand, Triple H said we’ll likely see a lot of them used on the live show in short stints to give the Superstars additional exposure.  “I think you’re going to see a lot of performers that are regular NXT UK talent crossing over into NXT on USA Network and performing there and showcasing their brand,” he explained.

“You might see a performer that comes into Full Sail and has a two or three month run, and then ends up back in the UK.” Adding, “I think these brands kinda complement each other, and allow opportunities for both.”

Levesque specifically mentioned NXT UK champ WALTER, Toni Storm and Tyler Bate as some of UK wrestlers who could theoretically make appearances at Full Sail. He also said that being able to use Superstars like this in short spurts is good for talent AND fans, because it keeps things fresh.

Additional noteworthy comments:

  • Triple H implied NXT will not be involved in the upcoming WWE Draft. He says the draft will be focused on Raw and SmackDown
  • Triple H explained that Worlds Collide replacing TakeOver during Royal Rumble weekend was part of a schedule shifting, and that more TakeOvers will stand on their own going forward. Says this is being done to give Network subscribers more live content on a more frequent basis. 
  • Triple H says he’d jump at the opportunity to have Kevin Owens return to NXT 

Listen to the full conference call below (courtesy of Fightful).