NXT TakeOver: New York Media Conference Call Notes

triple h nxt takeover media conference call notes

NXT TakeOver: New York is about a week away and Triple H spoke with the media in anticipation of the event.

Triple H ran down the card to hype each match, then took questions. 

Some of the notable things he said include:

  • Tomasso Ciampa’s injury was thought to be manageable, but things changed rapidly and he had to be put into surgery. WWE was aware of the length of time he’d need to be out and thought he could make it to TakeOver, but that situation changed and they had to make the best decision for his health.
  • Wouldn’t quite say if Gargano’s main roster call up has been halted due to Ciampa’s injury, but said lots of things had to be shuffled around to best serve all brands.
  • The deal with Fox will change a lot of what they do, but he couldn’t quite go into detail.
  • “Never say never” when it comes to women’s tag titles in NXT. Says they need to have the depth first before pulling the trigger on that. 
  • On the resurgence of managers, Triple H says they help international talent who haven’t picked up the language quite yet. Talks about how it’s important to talk people into seats. 
  • There will be announcements coming soon regarding the next NXT UK TakeOver.
  • Confirms they put a pause on Dijakovic vs. Keith Lee at TakeOver because of Keith’s injury, but couldn’t divulge additional info on what sort of injury was suffered. 
  • The NXT call ups criss-crossing across brands will likely settle down a little bit after WrestleMania, but they haven’t set in stone where anyone is going quite yet. 

Listen to the full conference call below.