NWA Announces First TV Tapings for Planned Series

nwa weekly show

Billy Corgan has announced the NWA will soon begin producing their own series, with the first taping scheduled for the end of Summer.

NWA dropped a video on Wednesday in which Corgan says he’s grateful to the wrestling promotions his company has partnered with in the past — like Ring of Honor — but now it’s time to “bring the NWA back into the spotlight and run on its own oxygen.”

Billy says the first NWA TV tapings will take place in Atlanta this September and October. The specific location of the tapings were not announced in the video. 

Corgan did, however, stress the importance in his eyes of taping in front of a studio audience. “The thing that sticks out in my mind about studio wrestling, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, was anything could really happen,” Billy explained. “You had people getting up very early in the morning, Saturday morning kids television, and it had a real feeling of chaos and anarchy. And I think that really sold to me — as a fan — that there was an element of danger and there was an element of anything could happen. I really want to bring that back to professional wrestling.” 

Watch the full announcement below.