NWA Says They Don’t “Endorse” Jim Cornette Telling People to Kill Themselves

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The NWA released a statement on Friday saying they don’t “endorse” Jim Cornette making light of suicide, but his comments will not stop him from appearing on their show at this time.

The statement on NWA’s website from VP David Lagana explains:

Over the last few days, a situation was brought to our attention in regard to comments made by Jim Cornette that have been taken as making light on the subject of suicide.

We’ve addressed the situation internally with Mr. Cornette and made it clear that any comments in regards to this subject, joking or serious, are not endorsed by Lightning One and the National Wrestling Alliance.

Mr. Cornette understands the seriousness of this situation and with that he will remain the color commentator for NWA Powerrr.

This all stems from Jim Cornette once saying former PROGRESS announcer Jim Smallman should be hung over the way he dressed at an event. PROGRESS EP Glen Joseph reminded his followers of this and Cornette replied “Write it down & shove it up your ass so it’s always close to you. You & the disheveled-looking hobo bum ring announcer are the most sensitive butthurt people I’ve ever seen.”

When someone reminded Cornette that suicide isn’t a joke, he told them: “I didn’t say he had to do it himself — it was left open that someone could do it for him.”

For those who are maybe unfamiliar, Jim is known to make flippant/outlandish comments like this on his show often. He also doesn’t seem to be bothered by his conversation with NWA, as he RT’ed a fan who said he doesn’t give “two f*cks” about Cornette making light of suicide. 

NWA ended their statement promoting the National Suicide Prevention hotline. 

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