Noam Dar – Cruiserweight Classic Standout Makes RAW Debut in Front of Hometown Crowd (VIDEO)

noam dar raw debut cruiserweight classic Scotland RAW video

Cruiserweight Classic wrestler Noam Dar made his long awaited debut tonight on Monday Night RAW … and the standout athlete got to do it in front of his hometown audience.

The Israel born/Scotland raised Dar got a major pop from the Glasgow crowd as he hit the RAW stage for the first time, and the same excitement could be seen on Noam’s face as he walked to the ring.

Unfortunately, the night quickly turned sour after his partner The Brian Kendrick was quickly pinned with a roll up by Rich Swann. Kendrick then went on to blame the match on Dar for their loss and called him “disrespectful” before throwing a cheap shot that knocked the newest Cruiserweight down.

Dar got the proverbial last word though, as he quickly recovered and countered with his own attack.

Noam reflected on debuting in his own country afterward in a exclusive video. He also talked about Kendrick’s sneak attack and the post match text message he got from Finn Bálor.

Check it out below.