Noam Dar Provides an Injury Update in the Most Scottish Way Possible

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NXT UK star Noam Dar has clarified his injury status by sharing a statement that might be difficult to follow if you’re not a true Scotsman. 

In case you missed it, Noam and his opponent Mark Andrews were both carried out on stretchers at the conclusion of their match on last week’s episode of NXT UK.

Despite how scary the situation looked, Dar provided an update on Monday via social media saying he was only left with a simple sprain and a “wee bone bruise.”

Dar also explained, “The MRI scan results left Doctor & the full medical staff in complete shock & disbelief that the knee injury I sustained did not result in complete explosion of the entire knee, the tendons, the ligaments & all the other wee bits & bobs in yer leg that you really need like the bones & that which would have required immediate removal of the entire leg (correct like a pirate).”

Noam then jokingly said he suffers from a condition called “HarderThanYerDad-itus,” implying that he expects to recover from his injury quicker than doctors anticipate.

Check out Noam’s full statement below.