No Way Jose Unveils New Look in First Post-WWE Video

no way jose post-wwe teaser video new look

No Way Jose unveiled a new look tonight in a video hyping his future in wrestling.

The footage begins with No Way Jose watching one of EC3’s Control Your Narrative videos that he’s been sharing on social media since being released as well.

“I am essential. I pledge fidelity to the destruction of my former self. I am not my corporately mandated persona,” he says while burning his old WWE gear. “I am not my material possessions. I am not relying on authority to tell me what is right and what is wrong. I will not let my value be based on comments, likes or follows. I will not seek affirmation in toxic group think. I will not filter my authenticity or self. I am essential.” 

The former WWE star then reveals his new look with straightened hair that has pink highlights on one side and purple-highlighted braids on the other. He also has less flashy attire.

In case you missed it, EC3 released a post-WWE video of his own HERE.

“I will speak my truth through words and actions,” Jose continued in the video. “I will wear betrayal as a wound of battle. I will pursue vengeance with a primitive and relentless force. I vow to find freedom. I vow to find purpose. I vow to create something that will last. I am essential.”

The caption includes the hashtag “Free Levy Valenz.”

Watch No Way Jose’s “Control Your Narrative” themed video below.