WATCH: NJPW Teases New Addition to the Roster with “Time’s Up” Video

njpw tease new wrestler times up video

NJPW is introducing a new wrestler to the roster, and the video teasing his debut is pretty cool.

The video begins showing the outside of a “live nude cabaret” while mellow music plays in the background. Someone is then shown hunched over the bar with a patch that says “Death Riders” on his jacket.

Additional clues shown: 

  • Union Jack patch on the jacket
  • Hourglass imagery / “Time’s Up” catchphrase at the end
  • A cool knife 
  • Some relation to Juice Robinson (or disdain for)
  • Biker motif 

No official word on who the wrestler will be at this point, but the video teases his appearance as happening on June 5, 2019. 

Watch the video below and tell us your best guesses in the comments.