Nikki Cross Breaks Character to Reflect on Final NXT TV Taping (VIDEO)

nikki cross final nxt taping goodbye break character interview

The latest batch of main roster call-ups from NXT recently took part in their final set of TV tapings at Full Sail, and cameras followed Nikki Cross on her last day. 

The Performance Center YouTube channel shared video of Nikki outside the location where NXT TV is filmed as she reflected on her feelings going into the taping.

Cross explained that it’s hard to say goodbye after how the crowd treated her the past year, then looked back on her Last Woman Standing match against Asuka.

Nikki’s final match at the taping was against Bianca Belair and afterward she’s shown backstage in a more out-of-character interview. “You just don’t want to say bye,” she said somberly. “You just see the same faces every day and you fight and you fight and you fight and then you get a goodbye.” 

Cross then attempted to continue, but had trouble finding the right words while holding back tears of joy. “So, you’re 29 and you’ve been wrestling for 10 years, you’ve been in NXT for 2 1/2 years … and then you realize that the fighting has just started,” she added.

“Part of you feels like ‘I did it.’ Then another part is like ‘I’ve only just begun.’ If they think the last 2 1/2 years, if they think that’s the best of Nikki Cross … there’s a lot more they’re gonna see.”

Watch the video below. 

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