WATCH: Nikki Bella Gets $2K Worth of Sneakers Shopping With Complex

nikki bella sneaker shopping complex video

Despite a losing effort at EvolutionNikki Bella has a pretty sweet consolation prize courtesy of Complex — expensive new sneakers.

Nikki joined Joe La Puma at Fight Club in Los Angeles for the popular video series to discuss topics like wrestling in custom dunks, being a role model to young girls and more. 

At the end of the video, The Bella Twin left the store with 4 pairs of shoes totaling $2014.82.

For those who missed it … Nikki was defeated by Ronda Rousey at Evolution via submission and after the event said their beef is far from squashed. 

Watch the sneaker shopping video below. 


3 Comments on "WATCH: Nikki Bella Gets $2K Worth of Sneakers Shopping With Complex"

  1. Dumb show. To make a big deal about having expensive sneakers; especially to minority neighborhoods. That’s why there are so many youths involved in violence. They think having fancy, expensive sneakers is the way of life. And crap like this show add fuel to that nonsense. Testify.

  2. With that being said, Nikki is fucking sexy as hell. Her nipples are sticking out in this video. I love to suck on those nips.

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