Nikki Bella — Full-Time Return Not Happening … Nixed From RAW Appearance

Nikki Bella No tCleared wwe return total divas wrestlemania

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Nikki Bella was initially scheduled to be on RAW last night … but after receiving news that affects her entire career a few days before, the plan was changed.

Sources tell us Nikki recently met with doctors who nixed any sort of appearance just yet, informing her that an accidental bump — even while ringside — could severely set her recovery back.

We’re told the plan was for Nikki to set something up last night which would have factored into the 5-on-5 Divas match at WrestleMania 32, but in a non-wrestling role.

Our sources say Nikki will meet again with doctors in July for a CAT scan to determine whether the bone in her neck has fused — but regardless, she was told a full-time ring return will never be possible based on the severity of her injury.

The “Total Divas” star is very hopeful she’ll be able to make a big comeback on a part-time basis if the surgery is a success.  However, she won’t even know if that’s a possibility for a few more months.

As we previously reported, Brie Bella will be retiring following the RAW after Mania — and we’re told Nikki is very sad she can’t be ringside to support her sister.


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  1. Good let someone else take the spot lite get her off the duvas show 2 its all about the twins there r better divas. Out there its there time get rid of bellas

  2. I will readily admit that the Bellas were never really my favorites, but there’s no question that Brianna and Nicole gave their all out there in the ring, no matter what was asked of them. They earned their stardom. I really feel for Nikki, a I have several friends who have had the same type of surgery as she has had. It would be a smart thing if she retires from full-on competition ASAP. I could still see her in an ambassador role or possibly helping out the female wrestlers down in NXT, as her experience would be invaluable. Or perhaps she could eind up as the GM of Smackdown, if indeed a brand split happens as rumored. But for her sake, she needs to just forget about wrestling again.

  3. Kathy Dietrich | March 29, 2016 at 12:19 pm | Reply

    well, as much as I wanted her off my TV I wanted her to have been going off to pursue something else not have her career end

  4. No one really cares.everyone on total divas does not give a damn about wrestling since the fame comes from the show. Now cancel that as well and I’ll be even more ?

  5. Jason, you’re an ass.

  6. there are so many more talented and a lot hotter. please wwe Cena’s still gonna get some even if nikkis not the star of the divas division

  7. Nikki and Brie only has been true wrestlers the past 2 yrs. I wouldn’t want Nikki being a coach at the NXT performance. She hasn’t fully paid her dues as in ring wrestler.As an in ring performer shes just ok. Both Brie and Nikki are just ok. They were glorified jobbers and escorts for most of their career. They won their titles through heel tactics most of the time. Only the last couple of years they have been winning clean matches. But that’s after they have been work in the performance center. Sara Del Rey is a coach at the performance center. And “Death” Rey was a beast in the indies. Indie female wrestlers took bumps. The Bella’s rarely took serious bumps until the last 2 years.Which is why Nikki bulked up. It still didn’t protect her neck.

    Brie is probably retiring because the divas from NXT are just better in the ring. Paige,Sasha, Charlotte, Becky,ect would have to lower their skill set just to work with Brie in the ring.Which is why you tend to see squashes or shorter matches between Brie and the newer talent. And also without her sister Nikki, Brie would probably get reduced to jobber diva status. I respect the Bella’s for their time and work being in the business.But in terms of their contribution and relevance in wrestling they really didn’t offer much.5 to 7 yrs seems to be cut off mark for most divas that debuted during the latter half of the ruthless aggression era.

    • Can’t disagree with you there. I’d like to see some divas that can actually wrestle and still be doing it at a high rate of success over a 15-year-period. Natalya could do that if WWE wasn’t so apt into turning her into a soap opera star. With her backround? No contest. The Bellas? I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did.

  8. Nikki Bella has an injury she will be fading away Brie Bella Daniel Bryant retired so she understands is time for a family so she understands it’s her Time to fade out The Bella Twins had a good run like the divas before them they were all wonderful but they all knew it was time to fade away Let younger divas take your place

  9. Bryan gets hurt and has to retire. Nikki won’t be able to work full time. Cena’s injured. It’s like Brie set everything up to get all of them at home lol.

  10. Well i hope that Nikki Bella will come back i hope she gets better the Team i love is #Team Bella too bad Brie Bella won’t be at ringside they are the #1 best divas.Im a girl i love to watch WWE I have always known that the Bella Twins are talented and very Pretty even that they will not be fighting i hope they are ok and let Jesus take GOOD care of them I’m the #1Bella Twins FAN♥100%

  11. This is Actually going to be A SAD weekend because we just lost Bryan now We’re going to lose The Undertaker Sunday and then Brie on Monday… What a messed up weekend…

    • Maybe. But then again, maybe this forces WWE to have to step up their game a little. And I hope that extends to the ladies’ division. A brand split might be the best thing that is needed. You’d see more of the NXTers up, and with all of the signings WWE has done, the focal point of what the were is changing. A lot of this is brought on by aging wrestlers being put out to pasture, sagging ratings, and stock dividends falling. Yes, it’s a bit sad considering that we’re seeing the changing of the guard here, but sometimes, something has to pass away before new life can grow. So it is with WWE.

  12. chris bradley | March 31, 2016 at 7:30 am | Reply

    Does this mean Nikki cant even be ringside for Bries segment on raw to announce her retirement i assume Brie will get one just so they can show it on Total divas

  13. And stay gone.

  14. I want u sexy

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