New ‘Total Divas’ Cast Member Announced (AUDIO)

sonya deville total divas wwe new cast member announced interview

The upcoming season of “Total Divas” has a new cast member joining the show and it was made official today during an interview.

Sonya Deville called into Afterbuzz TV’s SmackDown After Show on Tuesday to announce that she’ll be appearing on Season 9 of Total Divas. 

“Part of being a WWE Superstar to me is showing the fans what happens outside of the ring,” Deville explained while preparing the hosts for her big news. “Who I am in the ring, and in my personal life, is important to defining my character. I’m tough for a reason. I’ve been through things and I am the person I am for a lot of reasons.” 

“On that topic,” she continued. “I’ll be on Season 9 of ‘Total Divas,’ which is something I’m super excited about.”

As we previously reported, Lana and Rusev announced this week that they’ve been dropped from the upcoming season of the show. 

Sonya says filming for Season 9 begins this week, but a little bit of filming was done Royal Rumble weekend in Phoenix. Deville also says her relationship with her girlfriend will be showcased. 

Listen to the announcement below.