New NXT UK Contracts Reportedly Include Changes to Where Talent Can Work Locally

nxt uk contracts restrictions talent ligero xia brookside

When WWE first announced their UK division in 2016 it was said there’d be no restrictions on where talent could work locally — but that has now reportedly changed.

According to a report from WrestleTalk, several members of the NXT UK roster were offered new contracts this weekend following the TV tapings in Liverpool. The new, higher paying deals allegedly prevent talent from working for any non-WWE affiliated independent wrestling companies.

Talent will still however be allowed to work with affiliated companies like Progress, ICW and wXw.

As you may recall, William Regal told members of the press at the UK launch that there would be no restrictions on talent (for the most part) and this move wasn’t WWE being “the big bad wolf” who’d come into town to stop talent from working elsewhere. 

WrestleTalk claims talent with new deals will be allowed to finish out their bookings, but a paramedic must be present for the match and the wrestlers are not permitted to face-off against someone from another major promotion like NJPW, Impact or Ring of Honor.

So far it seems as though Ligero and Xia Brookside are two of the wrestlers who signed new deals. TIDAL Wrestling announced Ligero’s upcoming show with them would be his last and Wrestle Gate Pro confirmed Xia will not be appearing at their debut show due to a new WWE UK contract.

No word on who else has signed at this point.