New Japan Announces Plans for U.S. Subsidiary in 2018

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New Japan Pro Wrestling owner Takaaki KidaniΒ announced some big plans for his promotion in the coming years … including an expansion branch in the United States!

Kidani addressed the future of NJPW at a press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday, and said he intends to have a fully operational U.S. subsidiary along with a new dojo in 2018.

The promotion owner spoke confidently about fan interest here in the States, referencing how the G-1 Climax special events in Long Beach sold out in just two hours and said (in Japanese) “… personally, I think we can run in buildings twice that size.”

He also wants to sell NJPW television content to American cable networks.

Kidani brought up the recent injuries sustained by Katsuyori Shibata and Tomoaki Honma, saying he wants to “closely re-examine everything” when it comes to the safety of NJPW wrestlers competing in Japanese strong style.

You can check out a full recap of the press conference HERE.

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