New Japan Pro Wrestling to Launch United States-Based Subsidiary

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NJPW has announced plans to launch a US-based subsidiary of the company called New Japan Pro Wrestling of America.

The venture was announced at a press conference on Sunday night in which NJPW laid out a business plan consisting of three phases. The first two phases – discovering and developing talent in markets outside of Japan and running live events in collaboration with other promotions such as Ring of Honor – are already underway.

The company now plans to enter its third phase: launching a subsidiary in the United States, which will start next month. NJPW of America is being established with the intention of helping the company become “ingrained in the everyday fabric when it comes to fans’ wrestling consciousness.”

“Growing a footprint and increased consciousness in America will become a key factor, especially as competing cash rich promotions are being established,” NJPW’s website further explains.

The promotion hopes to gain more of a foothold in the US by increasing the number of live events it runs in five key markets:

  • “West” – which will include 6 cities across 4 states
  • “Mid” – which will include 7 cities across 6 states
  • “South East” – which will include 6 cities across 4 states
  • “East” – which will include 4 cities across 3 states
  • Texas – which will include 4 cities

“There is plenty still to be undertaken when it comes to furthering the brand in the US,” CEO Takami Ohbari said at the press conference. “Fans though, have a very close association to talent and core concepts of strong style, as evidenced by market research in Dallas.”

As for the LA Dojo, here’s what NJPW’s website explained:

While the LA Dojo has existed solely as a Dojo up to now, it will now see a full office environment that is designed to support business in the States, as well as to support talent. Perhaps wrestlers who have what it takes and have a passion for NJPW, but for whatever reason are unable to perform in Japan, will be able to represent NJPW in America. At the same time, tryouts and camps will ensure new talent is discovered, developed and trained to the point where they can perform in both America and Japan. This will lead to a deeper roster of talent and better matches and events going forward.

Ohbari also confirmed that the company will continue its relationship AXS TV.

NJPW says the US tours will take place while the Japanese schedule is between tours. However, “if there is high demand from fans, simultaneous tours may become a possibility.”