Mysterious New Faction Shown on Raw Starting a Fire in Black Hoodies

wwe raw faction debuts raw fire black hoodies

WWE debuted a mysterious new faction on RAW tonight by showing them in black hoodies starting a fire near the Performance Center.

As we first reported, a new faction was set to debut tonight without revealing all the members.

The group first seemed to be messing with the production side of things throughout the night by doing things like turning off the microphones and shutting down the lights.

Near the end of the show, surveillance footage was introduced showing five people wearing all black lighting an electrical box on fire by throwing something like a molotov cocktail at it.

Despite the Antifa-like resemblance, sources told us earlier in the day that this storyline is not intended to be political. Our sources also say the “chaos” being caused by the group is being done in an effort to loosen control over WWE Superstars and change the way the organization operates.

Watch the video below.