Neville No Longer Under WWE Contract (UPDATED)

neville wwe contract done

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned former Cruiserweight Champion Neville is no longer under contract with WWE.

While details are scarce, a source with direct knowledge of the situation has now confirmed Neville — formerly known as PAC — is not tied down to a WWE deal as of this moment.

No word on when WWE parted ways with the wrestler.

As we previously reported, the 32-year-old wrestler walked out on WWE in October 2017 and he’s been radio silent since vanishing from the company.

Earlier this week … Cody Rhodes tweeted saying he missed Neville. Matt Jackson replied saying, “Me too. I talked to him the other day. He’s good.”

Stay tuned. 

UPDATE: The Wrestling Observer reports WWE has now confirmed Neville is not under contract. According to Dave Meltzer, the wrestler is also free to work elsewhere. 


18 Comments on "Neville No Longer Under WWE Contract (UPDATED)"

  1. ♋•†Γ!plΣb2k1•♋ - WGU | August 24, 2018 at 8:15 pm | Reply

    I’ll believe it once he’s removed from the RAW/205Live rosters on WWE’s website

  2. I sure hope this is true. I miss him.

  3. Great job, Ryan.

  4. Impact Wrestling. C’mon, man that gravity forgot.

    • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted | August 25, 2018 at 4:47 pm | Reply

      Aries, Neville & Enzo all gone… Gonna be awkward for wwe to talk about the cw belt’s “history” for a while.

    • Louis bro what’s up?

      • Eddy!!! What’s up man? Long time, no talk. Good to see you, brother!!!

        • I’m good did you receive my message a few days ago? I’m here much, just Purple told me you were here.

          • I made my return to Wrestlezone last Friday.

            Check out “Impact Wrestling Viewership Rises” story from last week.

        • I’m gonna send you something in your notifications; let me know if you get it. I’ve been good: going to All In Saturday-really excited for it.

          • I got it. What’s it all about?

          • It’s a disqus site where we have PPV, RAW, SD, viewing parties, and there’s different topics to talk about-anything gies pretty much. And like I said you post GIFS-even NSFW if you like. I’ve met a lot of cool people here.

  5. Great. Neville can now return back to ROH and put on countless quality matches (hopefully he wrestles for NJPW as well) where the booking is way better than WWE. With his recent character and promo improvements, I’m sure he’ll become a top star in no time. All the best to him.

  6. Nathan Rodriguez | August 25, 2018 at 11:17 am | Reply

    Remember they took the title from Him and gave it to Enzo. Mistakes were made on WWE’s part.

  7. Maybe he’ll show up at All In.

  8. I’m going crazy here.. I couldn’t be more happier for him.. I hope he gets mad famous and banks big time… and WWE realizes what they missed out on… Dude is just naturally talented.. head and shoulders above everyone on that WWE roster (maybe with an exception to Styles).. I really hope he becomes a legend outside WWE

  9. @disqus_X3vb0qSRJq

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