Naomi — Unleashes on Social Media Over Total Divas Diss… ‘I’m Over All the BS’ (UPDATED)

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The WIN Awards announced that Total Divas has been nominated for Best Reality Series today, but cast member Naomi was left out of the celebration … and she’s PISSED OFF!

It all started with a congratulatory tweet from the WWE Universe account that included a picture of the Season 6 cast with Alicia Fox, but minus Naomi and Paige

Naomi initially responded by tweeting, “Where’s my pic tho.”

However, after dozens of angry fans chimed in on the apparent snub, Naomi expressed some of her own anger on the subject, telling one fan who asked her why she’d been left out of the picture, “The hell if I know but I’m about over all the bs im giving my all n have since day 1”.

In addition, Naomi proceeded to retweet numerous tweets from disappointed and disgruntled fans. Among some of the most strongly-worded:

  • “Basically congrats to everyone but , right?”
  • “What kinda SH*T IS THIS … She stays getting screwed over”
  • “The most disrespected person in America, is the black women. STOP PAYING TO DUST. WE SICK OF IT”

It’s unknown if all her outspokenness will help or hurt her standing in WWE, or why she was left out of the photo, but Twitter was definitely feeling the glow tonight.

UPDATE: She was photoshopped into the picture for the Hulu replay.

Plus, read our additional report with further details on how the whole thing was just a mistake.