Naomi — ‘Total Divas’ Nomination Photo Snub Was Just an Honest Mistake

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Naomi being left out of a Total Divas award nomination photo on SmackDown Live last night wasn’t a shot at the reality star … it was just a mistake.

Sources close to the situation tell us the answer to why she wasn’t on the photo is simple, the appropriate department messed up.  However, they also create over 100 graphics a week.

This is on top of the hours upon hours of live TV they’re shooting, which is usually problem free.

As we previously reported, Naomi unleashed on social media last night after the full Season 6 cast was featured on the WIN Award nomination pic — except she was switched with Alicia Fox.

The mistake was fixed for the Hulu replay.

We also reached out to a rep for the award show who told us the nom is for season 5, which technically Alicia starred in … not Naomi, Lana, Maryse or Renee Young.

Something tells us a photo editor probably got in trouble today.

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