Upcoming Event Cancelled Featuring Controversial Undertaker Parody

nigga taker event cancelled cwa wrestling parody n-word

A wrestler who calls himself “N*gga Taker” went viral this week after a flier promoting his match hit the web like wildfire … and the guy tells us he loved every minute of the controversy, despite the show getting cancelled.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with the Michael Antoine McMahon — a.k.a. “N*gga Taker” — who says his debut for Cleveland Wrestling Alliance this weekend was cancelled for reasons out of his control.

As for the controversial nickname … McMahon says he loved both positive and negative reactions — adding, “It’s better to be talked about, than not at all.”

McMahon says he’s been wrestling since the ’90s but hasn’t used the “N*gga Taker” moniker for at least 2 years. The wrestler claims friends had been asking him to bring it back, so now … he intends to go full force with the gimmick.

Rest in PC.

nigga taker flier