MVP and Major League Wrestling Part Ways

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MVP took to Instagram this weekend to announce he’s no longer doing business with Major League Wrestling, describing the situation as “unfortunate.”

“For reasons that I won’t get into — because I still don’t completely understand — but, you know, it’s professional wrestling,” MVP said in regards to his departure.

The former two-time WWE United States champ noted he’ll still appear in a few more episodes of MLW Fusion, but after that he’ll be gone. Adding, “MLW has an awesome cast of tremendously talented young people whom I support whole-heartedly.”

Montell explained he’d continue to work indie dates, while possibly relaunch his “VIP Lounge” podcast elsewhere — and ended the video saying, “card subject to change.”

Back in April, the 44-year-old tweeted out interest in possibly returning to WWE.  Earlier this year, he appeared in backstage segments as part of the RAW 25 broadcast.

Watch his full statement in the video below.