Mustafa Ali Gifts Light-Up Mask to Young Fan Dealing With Medical Condition

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205 Live wrestler Mustafa Ali is gifting his light-up mask to a WWE fan who requires facial protection due to a medical condition and it almost brought the person to tears.

Ali shared a video in which he talks about seeing an Instagram post from a fan who said Mustafa’s light-up mask helped them feel comfortable wearing face protection due to severe asthma.

The fan’s post explained:

I watch WWE programming almost religiously and one performer who has recently caught my attention whole heartedly. I hadn’t paid much attention to #205live before Wrestlemania of this year, but that changed quickly. I was wearing my vogmask because the pollen counts were high and I saw this man (@mustafaaliwwe for those who don’t know him) wearing something that looked so close to a vogmask I wanted to cry. It made it feel normal to have to wear the mask, like it was ok to need the stuff that I do. I know you hear that #representationmatters when it comes to stuff like ethnicity and seeing prominent women’s roles, but seeing someone wear something close to the medical equipment I need to function daily gave me a newfound sense of self confidence

For those unaware, a Vogmask helps protect people from tiny airborne particles. 

“My message has always been to be the light in a world of darkness. And over the past few weeks, I’ve been wearing light up gear to help represent that message,” Ali explained in the video he shared. “I never would’ve thought that gear would have a totally different interpretation to someone else.”

Because of this, Mustafa Ali claims he’ll be gifting the fan with his actual light-up mask.

Ali finished the clip saying, “I want you to accept this as a gift from me. I hope it serves as a reminder whenever you’re going through one of your bouts of chronic pain that someone is pulling for you.”

The fan shared an Instagram story afterward saying the move almost brought her to tears.

Watch the video below.