Mustafa Ali Says Watching Kofi Kingston in Gauntlet Match Wasn’t Easy (VIDEO)

Mustafa Ali, SmackDown, WWE, Elimination Chamber, Kofi Kingston, Injury

While the rest of the wrestling world was enjoying watching Kofi Kingston run the gauntlet on SmackDown Live this week … Mustafa Ali felt much differently. 

Ali — who was forced to withdraw from tonight’s WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match — shared his thoughts in a promo uploaded to Twitter on Sunday.

“The most painful part about this week hasn’t been the injuries,” Mustafa began. “It’s been watching as an opportunity that I’ve chased for my entire life gets pried out of my hands.”

“I’ve got all the love in the world for Kofi Kingston. Nothing but respect for him and that performance from the gauntlet match. But watching that wasn’t easy. It’s not easy to watch someone take your spot. It’s not easy dealing with all those ‘what if’ questions that kept popping in my head,” he said.

Adding, “Just like it’s not gonna be easy to watch the Elimination Chamber tonight. Just like it’s not gonna be easy to watch someone take my spot again.”

Watch the promo below where Mustafa also talks about his future.