Mustafa Ali Co-Writes Comic Book Based on His Real Life Experiences

mustafa ali comic book headlocked the beacon

Headlocked Comics and Mustafa Ali have partnered up on a new mini-comic which draws inspiration from the wrestler’s real-life experiences. 

The announcement reads: 

Headlocked Comics announces the digital release of The Beacon, a collaboration with wrestling star, Adeel Alam (WWE’s Mustafa Ali) and artist Nadia Ramlan. The story, co-written by Alam and Mike Kingston (Headlocked, WWE), pulls from some of Alam’s real-life experiences as a police officer and a wrestler before he joined the WWE.

“Having the opportunity to tell a story, whether it be in the ring or on paper, is important,” Mustafa explains in the press release. “Stories make us understand each other by seeing the world, even if only for a moment, through someone else’s eyes.”

“The Beacon” will be available digitally for 99 cents on December 24 at Headlocked’s website.

Plus, a limited edition printed comic will be available for WrestleCrate USA subscribers in January. 

In related Mustafa Ali news, WWE released an awesome short documentary on the night he defeated Daniel Bryan last week on SmackDown Live. Check it out below.