Mustafa Ali Got a Gnarly Black Eye Wrestling Randy Orton on SmackDown

mustafa ali black eye smackdown face busted randy orton rko photo

Mustafa Ali’s ego wasn’t the only thing bruised after he left the ring on SmackDown Live tonight following his loss to Randy Orton.

WWE shared an image on Instagram showing Ali sporting a nasty-looking black eye. “Check out the after effects of facing [Randy Orton] courtesy of [Mustafa Ali]!,” the caption read.

In case you missed it … Ali was full of confidence heading into his match with “The Viper,” but an RKO ended any hopes of a surprise upset.

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6 Comments on "Mustafa Ali Got a Gnarly Black Eye Wrestling Randy Orton on SmackDown"

  1. Orton would have pissed and moaned backstage until he got somebody Fired!! The Future is NOT Randy Orton. That guy has the charisma of a wet paper bag! As many times as he has gotten someone fired or in hot water backstage, along with being a Vet of the business, One would think he would be cautious, but Nope!

  2. Relax, Troy. It’s wrestling.

  3. I’m sorry. But I don’t think Daniel Bryan has the right to change belt. I don’t like his belt now. I feel WWE is the only one who can change belts. Like Vince.Stephanie. Triple H. Shane. The belt is ugly. And it says hey kids you can get high its ok. Very bad business

  4. I for one love the title belt for his character, it fits him.

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