Mr. Bootyworth Has Left the WWE Creative Team

mr bootyworth leaves wwe creative team ryan alpert

Looks like New Day will have to find a new personal pancake maker, because Mr. Bootyworth is no longer part of WWE. 

Bootyworth aka Ryan Alpert was a member of the WWE creative team and last week the writer announced his WWE departure via Instagram

“[WWE] it’s been a wild 3 years,” he wrote. “Thank you for everything…but mostly the frequent flyer miles. One of the best writing teams in the world to work on…glad I got to be a part of it.”

Alpert also updated his LinkedIn account to show he’s now a freelancer. 

For those who don’t recall, Bootyworth was used in a number of segments involving New Day. The most famous of which involved the character having a not-so-pleasant interaction with The Bar. 

(H/T Wrestling Inc)

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