Former Colleagues Defend Fabulous Moolah, Claim BS on “Pimp” Allegations (VIDEO)

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Retired wrestlers Joyce Grable and Peggy Lee Leather — who were booked by Fabulous Moolah — are speaking out in defense of their ex-boss, claiming she never pimped out talent.

The former female wrestlers were interviewed for a petition that is attempting to get an apology from Snickers’ parent company for pressuring WWE into changing the name of the upcoming women’s battle royal at WrestleMania 34.

In a video on the page … Joyce Grable questions the authenticity of any claims made by family members of a deceased person and tells the interviewer, “If she was gonna pimp somebody out, I woulda been number one on the list.”

Grable also claims Moolah was against her girls using any drugs.

Former WWF wrestler Peggy Lee was interviewed as well and said, “[Moolah] was nothing but a businesswoman, a shrewd one … a very shrewd one at that … but as far as this pimping, that’s a big bunch of bullsh*t.”

Peggy also says the WWE Hall of Famer is an icon and that she believes it’s not right to take away her legacy because without Moolah’s influence “women’s wrestling wouldn’t be where it’s at now.”

Watch the videos below.

7 Comments on "Former Colleagues Defend Fabulous Moolah, Claim BS on “Pimp” Allegations (VIDEO)"

  1. That Peggy Lee Leather…yowsers. Looks like she ia missing teeth.

  2. Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

  3. Grable probably took a cut with Moolah.

  4. “it didn’t happen to me, so it couldn’t have happened to you” is a pretty disgusting position to take.

  5. I remember watching these women wrestle, the looked like something out of a ’70s porn movie

  6. Both Grable and Leather were never booked for a big payday at WM 4 that the Glamour Girls and the Jumping Bomb Angels were and that Moolah took that away.

  7. ”it’s hard out here for a pimp..”

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