Montez Ford Shares Thoughts on New Day Title Swap

SmackDown superstar Montez Ford has opened up about the controversial “title swap” moment between Street Profits and The New Day.

As you might recall, Street Profits traded their Raw tag titles for the New Day’s SmackDown tag titles when the teams were drafted to opposite brands during the WWE draft earlier this month.

Montez, one half of the current SmackDown Tag Team champions, addressed the issue in a recent interview with Ryan Satin of Fox Sports — and he used a famous moment in WWE history to back up his point.

“What the hell they think happen with Ted DiBiase when Andre the Giant won the title for him?,” Montez said, in response to a question regarding the reaction of wrestling purists to the title swap.

“If it’s okay with Andre the Giant, it’s okay with Street Profits,” he added.

Montez was of course referring to an infamous 1988 “Main Event” match in which Andre pinned Hogan for the WWF Championship and immediately gifted the title to DiBiase. Although Montez forgot to mention that that particular storyline also involved WWF President Jack Tunney declaring the title vacant due to the fact that a champion isn’t permitted to give the title away to anyone he wants.

Check out Ryan Satin’s interview with Street Profits below!