Monday Night RAW — Fan TAKEN DOWN By Security For Rushing the Ring (UPDATED)

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Some idiot attending Monday Night RAW ran into the ring during Seth Rollins‘ promo tonight … but as you can see in the video, security swiftly handled the situation.

A fan in attendance at the American Bank Center in Texas somehow managed to catch the whole thing on video, and it shows security take the dumb fan to the ground moments after his face-to-face with Seth. The man was only seen on TV for a split second and appeared to be wearing a helmet.

This isn’t the first time Seth has dealt with a fan run-in. Last year, a guy hopped the security wall and attempted to walk with him to the ring also during a taping of RAW.

Watch the video from tonight below.

UPDATE: 7:15 AM PST – Police says the security guard was bitten on his forearm by the fan — 23-year-old Edward Ferrero — but did not require medical attention.

He was eventually arrested for assault and criminal trespass.