Mojo Rawley Expects Future WWE Appearances From Rob Gronkowski (VIDEO)

WWE, Mojo Rawley, Rob Gronkowski, NFL

Mojo Rawley is predicting the WWE Universe will be seeing a lot more of his friend Rob Gronkowski in the wake of Gronk’s NFL retirement … and he’s super pumped about it!

“He’s always been a wrestling fan. I know WrestleMania, he was all excited about it. We still joke around about it. We’re still really proud of that moment,” Mojo told TMZ. “So yeah man, in the future, I’m sure at some point you’ll see him in a WWE ring in one capacity or another.”

For non-football fans, Gronkowski announced his retirement over the weekend.

Mojo says Gronk is “exactly what we’re looking for here [in WWE]” in terms of size and charisma.

Adding, “You don’t have the Patriots and the NFL locking you down anymore. If you thought Gronk was wild before, I’m telling you, wait ’til you see him without the shackles on!”

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