Mojo Rawley Pours Soy Sauce on Rob Gronkowski in New Music Video

mojo rawley rob gronkowski music video soy sauce

Have you ever wanted to watch Mojo Rawley pour soy sauce on Rob Gronkowski covered in sushi? If you said yes, that’s oddly specific, but this music video should answers your prayers.

Rawley appears with his BFF Gronk in a new video called “On My Mind” by 3LAU that features the NFL player falling into a dream while on a date at a restaurant where Mojo waits tables.

In one of the dreams, a topless Gronkowski is used as a table for sushi. Mojo shows up in Zubaz shorts with a group of ladies and proceeds to pour soy sauce all over his friend’s body.

The wrestler is also featured in the climax of the video, which shows Gronk and his buddies getting into a pillow fight with a bunch of attractive women inside of a trampoline playground.

Enjoy the incredibly weird video below.