WATCH: MJF Agrees to Wrestle Cody at AEW Revolution, But Only If …

mjf cody rhodes aew revolution dynamite stipulations

Cody Rhodes has to jump through a lot of hoops in order to get the match he wants at AEW Revolution, as outlined by MJF tonight on Dynamite. 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman revealed the stipulations Cody must agree to and abide by in order for the match to happen at the February pay-per-view.

MJF explained that the match will be off at Revolution, and never happen, if Cody touches him before the pay-per-view takes place. 

Cody must also defeat Wardlow in a cage match to earn the match at Revolution.

Not only that, but MJF says in order for him to agree to the match, Cody must get on his knees and take ten whips in the middle of the ring from his former friend.

Watch the segment below.