MJF Enters Feud With Soul Legend Dionne Warwick

The power struggle within The Inner Circle is the least of MJF’s worries … because he’s currently feuding legendary singer Dionne Warwick!

It all kicked-off when MJF was included in New York Times culture critic Wesley Morris’s “Best Performances of 2020” list for his performance in the “Le Dinner Debonair” segment from the Oct. 21 episode of Dynamite.

Soul music legend Dionne Warwick was also included in that same piece for her Twitter game.

True to form, Warwick took to her favorite social media platform and shared an article about the list from Inside the Ropes writer Innes McVey.

“This photo made me think I was booked to wrestle somewhere. Almost called my publicist,” Warwick captioned her quote tweet, referring to the article’s featured image of MJF.

Naturally, MJF didn’t take long to respond.

“You better pray you aren’t or you’d be in a world of pain, princess,” he tweeted, to which Warwick responded that she had an interview coming up.

“You’re lucky this time,” she wrote.

The real question is, could MJF beat up a 79-year-old woman?