The Miz Says Daniel Bryan’s “True Colors” Are Finally On Display Following Title Win

the miz daniel bryan reaction heel turn wwe championship win

The Miz has a message for fans of new WWE Champion Daniel Bryan: “I told you so.”

“The Most Must-See Superstar” took to social media to voice his opinion on the champ’s new attitude and wrote, “I told you how Daniel Bryan really was but you chose to ignore me.”

“I told who the real Daniel Bryan was but you chose to boo me. And now, after manipulating his way into title match after title match after title match, the true colors of Daniel Bryan are finally on display for the world to see,” he continued, before using emojis to mock Bryan’s famous “YES!” chant.

In case missed it … Daniel used a low blow on AJ Styles to help him capture the WWE Championship on Tuesday, then went on the attack after the match was over. He’ll now face Brock Lesnar on Sunday at Survivor Series.

Daniel’s turn has been a divisive topic since it happened. Sound off in the comments below and tell us if you liked or disliked the big angle that closed the show.