Additional Details on WWE’s Upcoming Mixed Match Challenge Show

mixed match challenge wwe facebook details

WWE‘s new show Mixed Match Challenge will begin airing on Facebook Watch next month and Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed additional details about the upcoming program.

Sources tell us Vince McMahon is pulling out all the stops with MMC to impress Facebook’s top brass, as well as other websites/streaming services, in an effort to open new doors for 2019 when the company’s TV contract with NBC Universal expires.

Variety first reported that Facebook is paying for distribution rights to the show and we’re told WWE is looking at this 12-week run as a test to see if revenue could be comparable.

As for Mixed Match Challenge itself … we’re told the the show won’t necessarily be storyline related with Raw and SmackDown, but minor things that happen to the performers might factor into their individual stories (like an “injury” or grueling match causing someone to miss a match).

We first reported last month that there’s been talk of moving the weekly 205 Live taping to before SmackDown Live, but we’re told a firm decision still hasn’t been made.

One obvious note, our sources say Nia Jax and Enzo Amore are almost a lock to team together and there’s been talk of pairing up real-life married couples Jimmy Uso/Naomi and Lana/Rusev.

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  1. So I would have to have Facebook to watch this?

    • If someone posts a picture of themselves on Facebook wearing dressier clothes than they usually wear that’s understandable and cool!
      It can feel inti.intimidating or s scary to do except it may need to be done!

    • At least initially. I am not sure if they will or can put it on the network in time, but yeah, the idea is to get us watching this on fb and fb pay them for it.

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