Miro Says Orange Cassidy Owes Him $75,000 (VIDEO)

Miro believes that Orange Cassidy owes him the $75,000 he was forced to pay when he was fined for his actions on the December 9th episode of Dynamite.

Miro interfered in Cassidy’s match with MJF on the December 9 episode of Dynamite, costing Cassidy the coveted Dynamite Diamond Ring.

Following the interference, Miro continued to unleash his aggression on members of the AEW security team, as well as Cassidy’s buddies Chuck Taylor and Trent. He threw one security guard off the ramp, and three people ended up in hospital.

The AEW star took to YouTube to vent about the situation.

“A few weeks ago, no man could stop me from laying out that walking Xanax Orange Cassidy,” Miro said. “I wanted to show that little pocket man what it felt like to get your ass whipped by a man wearing Versace Couture. You think you’re cool, Orange Cassidy, with your shades, your hair, and your jeans. I saw the fear. I smelt it when I trapped you where you stood,” he continued.

Miro then explained what happened after the incident, and suggested that Cassidy owes him the money he was fined.

“I get to the back. We have Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, the security guards, yelling ‘$75,000 fine’ because I put three people in the hospital. That’s the money you owe me now,” he said, before issuing a warning. “Trust me, you do not want to be in debt to me. Pro wrestling is a great business, a simple business. They pay me to hurt you,”

Check out Miro’s YouTube promo below.