Mike Quackenbush Discontinuing Chikara After Allegations Of Abuse, Resigns From Wrestle Factory

chikara discontinued mike quackenbush allegations

Chikara founder Mike Quackenbush has confirmed the dissolution of the promotion in the wake of allegations of abuse.

On Wednesday night, Quackenbush issued a statement which read:

“I have been made aware of recent allegations about myself, and people in my employ.

I take all allegations seriously – whether they are about me, or members of my team.

Addressing these with openness and transparency is of the utmost importance to me. So these matters can be given the proper time and attention, I am discontinuing CHIKARA and resigning as head trainer at the Wrestle Factory.

I’ll make a full statement on these matters in the near future.”

As we reported, Chikara came under fire from multiple women who alleged that Quackenbush and others were abusive toward female trainees and staff members. In the wake of the allegations, many Chikara wrestlers resigned.

Quackenbush founded Chikara in 2002.