Mike Bennett Says Nick Aldis Helped Him Get His Love For Wrestling Back

Mike Bennett has revealed that NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis helped him rediscover his love for professional wrestling.

As you might recall, Aldis defended his title against Bennett back in September, a few months after Bennett was released by WWE.

“Getting that call from [National Wrestling Alliance champion] Nick Aldis to do the “Ten Pounds of Gold.” The [match and build-up] was what brought my love for professional wrestling back,” Bennett told TV Insider in a recent interview. “We filmed things on our own and did all these interviews and montages. We did it together. To have someone in such a jaded and negative industry reach out to you like that, it means a lot.”

The Ring of Honor star also spoke about his wife Maria Kanellis and how she dealt with the changes in their professional lives.

Bennett and Kanellis were released by WWE back in April along with several other superstars as a cost-cutting measure implemented by the company due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Maria is very much a methodical person. The minute we got released she was already thinking about what we’re doing next,” Bennett said in the interview. “I was still registering the fact we got fired, and she was already planning the next six years of our lives. She’s back in school now getting her master’s degree. That woman blows my mind. We’ve talked about her coming back to wrestling. She still loves the industry. For Maria, it’s one of those things where if she feels it’s the right time, she still will come back on her terms. ”

Bennett will team with Matt Taven to take on Vinny Marseglia and Tyler Bateman at Ring of Honor Final Battle on December 18.