Mike Adamle — Former GM on Raw Reveals Battle With Dementia and Possible CTE (VIDEO)

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Former Raw General Manager Mike Adamle has revealed that he’s battling with dementia and possible CTE … but not to sue somebody, he just wants to spread the word to others in need of help.

The ex-American Gladiators host was interviewed by NBC Chicago where he used to work to explain why he’d been off the air since March and let other ex-athletes know this is a real thing.

“The pain comes from embarrassment,” Adamle said. “Sitting down, not being able to remember things. Like I said, everybody’s got that, don’t make a big thing out of it because everybody gets it. But sometimes I wake up in the morning, like I’ll throw up, and there’s times you get really depressed and you don’t want to see anybody and I try to fight those days.”

Mike says he can no longer work or drive. He also has to wear a fanny pack with his ID, house keys and phone in case he gets lost/forgetful while out in public. However, Adamle is motivated to keep his mind active and hopes it’ll help extend his life for as long as possible.

Watch the interview below and read his full story HERE.