Mick Foley — ‘Taking Time Off’ From WWE … Company Says He’s NOT Suspended (UPDATED)

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Mick Foley is taking the rest of the month off from appearing on WWE programming … but the company insists he hasn’t been suspended or released.

A rep for WWE tells us, “Mick is taking time off to spend the holidays with his family and do his volunteer work as Santa. He has not been released or fired.”

The move is slightly odd, considering he’s in the middle of a storyline involving Sami Zayn. Plus, he’s the main authority figure on Raw and no mention was made of this on the show this week.

WWE officials add, “He will return to Raw on Monday, January 2.”

UPDATE: Foley made an appearance at the Raw brand’s Roadblock event. We asked WWE why they sent us a statement saying he was taking the rest of the month off and were told, “Mick was in Pittsburgh for a previously scheduled charitable event and decided to work tonight. He will now work tomorrow and then take time off until Jan 2.”

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  1. Anyone who follows Mick Foley knows he is a Christmas fanatic so it does not surprise me. At least he put Sami over hard before he left.

    • Not to mention the state of his health. We know he has lost a lot of weight recently but the pain in his hip must really drag him down. The WWE schedule is not great for a man with his health concerns. Sitting on planes for extended times must really leave him stiff and immobile.

  2. Can’t we just see more of his daughter?

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