Mick Foley Says He’d Wrestle in Saudi Arabia for the Right Price (AUDIO)

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With WWE paying legends big money to wrestle in Saudi Arabia, Mick Foley admits he’d participate in one more Hell in a Cell match there if the money was right.

Foley spoke with TalkSport’s Pro Wrestling Show ahead of his upcoming appearance for WAW in Norwich and talked about WWE returning to Saudi Arabia.

As we previously reported … the event in Jeddah next month will feature appearances by Goldberg, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and more WWE stars. 

“I can be had for a certain price,” Foley said after being asked for his thoughts on the show. He also noted that he’s glad he hasn’t been put in the position yet. 

“If they wanted a rematch of the cell badly enough and were willing to pay for it, then my god they’d probably get it,” he continued. “Working slower than I did 21 years ago, but I’d be out there.”

Listen to the clip below.  The full interview will be available later this evening.