Mick Foley Hangs With Soccer Player Who Went Viral for Mr. Socko Celebration

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Mick Foley had breakfast this morning with the British soccer player who went viral for celebrating a goal by performing a mandible claw on his teammate with a sock over his hand.

In case you missed it, Sheffield United forward Billy Sharp went viral back in January when he paid homage to Foley’s “Mankind” character during a match against Norwich City.

The video of Sharp’s celebration got Foley’s attention and he shared it on Twitter. “Oh, this is TREMENDOUS! Thank you [Billy Sharp],” the Hardcore Legend captioned the video.

Foley later revealed that he had been invited to Sheffield United’s game against Brentford on March 12 by Sharp — which explains why the pair met for breakfast today. “Big mick [Mick Foley] is in the house, in my house to be exact,” Billy tweeted this morning. “It’s a bit surreal to have breakfast with a true wrestling legend.”

Check out Sharp’s viral moment below.