Michael Elgin Says His Comments About Jeff Cobb Were “Unacceptable”

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NJPW wrestler Michael Elgin is apologizing for comments he made about tag partner Jeff Cobb in a leaked text conversation, saying they were “unacceptable.”

For those who missed it, a conversation leaked out last month showing Elgin making disparaging comments towards a woman accusing one of his students of sexual assault. The woman in question also released a portion of the conversation in which he bashed Cobb.

Now, Elgin has put out a statement saying: “I made some comments about Jeff Cobb that were unacceptable. At the time of this conversation I had a lot going on and took it out on Jeff Cobb unfairly. Not only is he a great performer, he is one of the nicest and most kind hearted people I’ve ever met in my career.”

Adding, “I’ve spoken to him and other colleagues directly and hope they accepted my apology. He deserves praise for his performance and he is a true asset to any company he’s involved in, I truly hope he becomes a big part of NJPW this year.”

Big Mike also put out a more lengthy statement this weekend about the disparaging comments he made towards the woman. Read it in full below (since his tweets are now protected).

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  1. Michael Elgin is coming off as a complete and unprofessional jerk. I could why WWE has not hired him.

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