Michael Che Thought WWE Fans Would Have His Back, ‘Instead They Treated Me and Colin Like Trash’

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Michael Che says he thought WWE fans would have his back since he’s one too, but instead they’ve treated him like crap … so he no longer considers himself part of the WWE Universe. 

“A lot of people are asking me about this WrestleMania match that I got roped into with Colin,” Che wrote Tuesday night on his Instagram story. “I don’t know if it’s really happening, or if Braun just wants a more formal apology or what.. but it kinda sucks that a guy I look up to like Braun would wanna hurt me ..?”

He continued, “It’s that thing where these WWE guys see cool Hollywood types like me and Colin, and they just wanna destroy something beautiful. We are comedians. Not fighters. We make people feel GOOD. Not BAD. And Braun and Alexa are just showing the world why they’re jerks.”

As we previously reported, Che and Colin Jost will be participants in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Sunday at WrestleMania. 

Che further elaborated on his feelings writing:

“And WWE fans are talking crap, about how we shouldn’t be in the ring, AND I AGREE!! If those idiots can see that, why can’t Alexa Bliss?!” Which by the way, I considered myself a WWE fan too! I’m part of the family! Until they turned on me and booed us!! Really ..? Wow..”

“I thought I was part of something special. I thought the WWE Universe would have my back. Instead they treated me and Colin like trash. So to hell with them. I can’t wait to go to Metlife and prove all the doubters wrong.”

FYI — Michael Che also claims he caught Braun doing something backstage at Raw that was too embarrassing to share on social media.

Watch his full post on Instagram below.

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