Mia Khalifa Appears at Indie Wrestling Event (VIDEO)

mia khalifa joey ryan sabotage wrestling video

Despite criticism over the invite, Mia Khalifa showed up to a Sabotage Wrestling event this weekend and was called into the ring by Joey Ryan.

For those who don’t recall, Khalifa was invited to the show after her tweet saying she had no respect for WWE went viral — so last night Joey asked if she was just a keyboard warrior or truly meant it.

“Of course I mean what I say,” Mia responded. “You look like a giant, hairy man-baby.”

As you probably expected… Joey then told her to touch his incredibly strong penis and Khalifa’s male friend stepped in to break them up, prompting physicality to ensue.

Was Khalifa able to avoid grabbing it though? Watch the video to find out.

3 Comments on "Mia Khalifa Appears at Indie Wrestling Event (VIDEO)"

  1. Like watching a boring, poorly-acted school play.

    How much bad stuff are we going to pretend to like just because it has the wrestling name on it?

  2. Jeremy Lee Whitfield | January 22, 2018 at 4:58 pm | Reply

    I would say she should go put a dick in her mouth but i forgot thats how she got ho famous

  3. Where did this wrestling hater learn the word gimmick? Oh it’s a work. It’s all a work, remember fans. I hate this world. Joey Ryan is still awesome though.

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