Mercedes Martinez Returns To NXT, Takes Out Io Shirai

Mercedes Martinez has returned to NXT for the first time since her brief stint on the main roster as a member of Retribution came to an end.

It all went down on this week’s edition of NXT on USA Network.

NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai was sitting on a chair in the ring awaiting the arrival of Toni Storm, who had challenged her just moments earlier. Toni’s music hit, but before she could emerge, Shirai was jumped from behind by Martinez.

Martinez beat the hell out of Shirai and slammed her into the barricades several times. She also launched the champ into the ringpost and the announce table.

Following the vicious assault, Martinez raised her arms in victory, and cemented her return to the black and gold brand.

As you may recall, Martinez had a brief stint on the main roster as a member of Retribution.

Check out Martinez’s return to NXT in the video below.