John Cena — I Want to Play the Part of Vince McMahon in Biopic (AUDIO)

biopic vince mcmahon john cena

If the Vince McMahon biopic goes into production, John Cena wants the honor of playing his long-time boss — because he says the script is incredible.

Cena appeared on Variety’s Playback podcast and said he’d love to snag the McMahon role after falling in love with the script he read for the movie titled Pandemonium.

He explains, “I love the story. The words jump off the page. I certainly know and admire the man, he’s literally one of my heroes. He’s a friend, a father a mentor. Whoever does that, they have a wonderfully crafted challenge in front of them. Because he is one of a kind.”

As we previously reported, Linda McMahon said the movie may never see the light of day … however, John claiming he recently read a script for the movie may indicate otherwise.

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(The biopic talks starts around 27:30)