Mauro Ranallo Will Continue Doing NXT Commentary on USA Network

mauro ranallo staying nxt usa network

Fear not, fans of Mauro Ranallo … the current NXT announcer says he won’t be going anywhere when their show begins airing on USA Network.

Ranallo tweeted: “One more time for the kids in the back (& because Twitter can never take things at face value) I WILL BE ANNOUNCING [NXT] on [USA Network] EVERY WEDNESDAY AT [Full Sail University]. Now back to your regularly scheduled trol-I mean tweeting.”

As you may recall, Mauro was part of the broadcast team when SmackDown Live first premiered on USA Network. After two years, he made a decision to leave his position on SmackDown and inked a deal with WWE months later to become part of NXT’s commentary team.

The 49-year-old announcer referenced this in a follow up tweet.

“I had the honor of being part of the first #SmackDownLive broadcast on [USA Network],” he wrote. “I am even more excited to be part of the [NXT] broadcast team with [Nigel McGuinness] and [Beth Phoenix] on USA! WE’LL DO IT LIVE!”

As we previously reported, the NXT product will not be changing much due to the USA Network move — besides the show being longer and live. 

NXT’s first episode on USA Network takes place September 18.