Matthew McConaughey Talks About Throwing Tomatoes at Skandor Akbar (VIDEO)

matthew mconaughey graham norton show video skandor akhbar

Matthew McConaughey geeked out about wrestling with John Cena this week on a talk show and revealed he once got thrown out of an event for throwing tomatoes at Skandor Akbar.

Cena and McConaughey were guests on The Graham Norton Show and naturally the topic of wrestling came up, which clearly excited the Oscar winning actor.

Matthew began namedropping his favorite wrestlers from back in the day minutes later and exclaimed, “I got kicked out Hirsch Coliseum in Shreveport for pelting Skandor Akbar with a bag of tomatoes from the 8th row.”

Cena then explained who Akbar was to the crowd and the two actors continued to mark out.

Just watch the video. It’s incredibly entertaining.